Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Most States (if not all) require drivers to have car insurance. It is made a condition of driving in a given State. However, State legislators are not foolish. They know that a good amount of people drive without car insurance. So, legislators had to ask themselves what protections exist for a driver who is hit by another driver that does not have car insurance?
In Missouri, if you are hit by another driver who is at-fault and without car insurance, you are not out of luck. In such situations, you can recover against your own car insurance policy for Uninsured Motorist Protection. By Missouri State Law, every policy of insurance affords Uninsured Motorist protections to compensate you mainly for medical bills or property damage. Consequently, it’s a good idea to increase your Uninsured Motorist protection.
This protection is also said to stay with you in Missouri. So, if you are injured while riding in another car, you should still be able to recover under your policy.
Lastly, in certain situations, uninsured motorist protection can even be recovered from a family member’s car insurance or a driver’s car insurance if you are a passenger. It depends on the situation.
There are stringent laws in Missouri governing how an insurance company can process an uninsured motorist claim. Because of the short deadlines, and because uninsured motorist disputes often involve analyzing the language in nuanced insurance policies, it is a good idea to use an attorney who knows the relevant law and can help you reach the most advantageous result.

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