Trustee Duty to Report and Inform

As part of a trustee’s fiduciary duties, there is an important obligation to keep beneficiaries ” “reasonably informed about the administration of the trust and of material facts necessary for them to protect their interests.” § 456.8-813, RSMo. This is flexible language and greatly depends on the facts of a particular section.

However, the official commentary to Section 813 states:

“If the trustee is dealing with the beneficiary on the trustee’s own account, the trustee must communicate material facts relating to the transaction that the trustee knows or should know. See Restatement (Second) of Trusts Section 173 cmt. d (1959). Furthermore, to enable the beneficiaries to take action to protect their interests, the trustee may be required to provide advance notice of transactions involving real estate, closely-held business interests, and other assets that are difficult to value or to replace.”

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