Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets happen. Whether in the form of a speeding citation, stop sign violation, failure to yield, or failure to properly display insurance, most individuals will — at some point in their driving career — receive at least one citation. It is paramount, however, to have an attorney handle these tickets. In my experience, many people assume that simply paying the fine listed on the ticket will solve the problem. This is usually not the case. Indeed, paying the fine will usually mean a simple guilty plea, which means you are accepting the ticket and taking points on your license (See: Traffic Violations License Points). Points, obviously, are what you want to avoid, as they can be extremely costly from an insurance perspective and can stay on your license for a number of years.
As such, it is important to have an attorney handle your traffic tickets. While there are no guaranteed outcomes in any legal representation, the primary goal should be to amend it to where the charge does not result in the imposition of points on your license. Of course, “traffic citations” is a broad phrase. Fleeing the Scene of an Accident, Driving with a Suspended License, and driving while intoxicated charges are more complex and bring more serious concerns.
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