Traffic Citations/Tickets Missouri

In Missouri, you have a few separate options in dealing with traffic tickets. First, you could show up on the court date at the court listed on the ticket and plead not guilty to the traffic offense. The court will then usually set a hearing date a few weeks out and you’ll have the opportunity to present evidence showing that you did not commit the alleged traffic violation. If he/she finds you not guilty, you’re free to go. If guilty, you’ll likely be subject to a fine and be assessed points on your license.
Second, you could simply plead guilty to the offense. More often than not, this means points will be assessed on your license.
Third, you could hire an attorney to represent you. Most counties in Eastern Missouri and surrounding Saint Louis will be receptive to an attorney in a traffic case. If the attorney does his/her job right, the moving violation ticket will be amended down to a non-moving violation. This is important because a non-moving violation does not result in points on your license, and thus will not affect your car insurance. Points, in turn, are important because if unaddressed they can result in a license suspension.
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