Time Limit and Deadline to Challenge Will

A last will and testament in Missouri (and other states) may be challenged and voided. The most common grounds for a contest are lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud and/or duress. 
One of the goals in the estate administration process in Missouri is to have a quick, efficient manner of winding down one’s affairs. To that end, there is a strict six (6) month limitation period in which a will contest must be brought. If the six (6) month period is not met, then there can be no will contest and the will is honored. 
The six (6) month deadline varies, though. Under Section 473.083, RSMo, the will contest must be filed after the later of (1) six months after the will is probated or (2) within six months after the first publication of notice of grantting of letters on the estate of the decedent. 
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