Legal Articles

Injunctive Relief

An injunction is an order from the court to refrain from certain conduct or to perform some certain act(s). It is a form of equitable relief. In contrast, legal relief usually comes in the form of money damages to compensate someone for an injury. Equitable relief is typically appropriate when monetary relief would be inadequate….

Permanent Injunction

Under Missouri law, temporary restraining orders typically last ten (10) days, but can be extended for additional 10 day increments See Rule 92.02(b). A preliminary injunction typically lasts for the duration of the underlying litigation. Permanent injunctions, as the name suggests, can last in perpetuity — but a trial court has broad discretionary power to shape and…

Civil Contempt of Court

Civil contempt is when a movant asks the Court to hold another in violation of a court order. To establish a prima facie case of civil contempt, the complaining party must prove (1) the contemnor’s obligation to perform or refrain from an action as required by the decree; and (2) the contemnor’s failure to meet…

Restraining Orders, Injunctions, Ex Parte Orders of Protection

Generally, Courts have two different types of remedies they may award an aggrieved party: legal remedies or equitable remedies. The former is money damages. The latter is when the Court enters Orders or Decrees directing someone to either act or to forbear from acting (e.g., an injunction or restraining order); equity is often appropriate where…

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