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Partnership Dissolution

A general partnership typically exists when two or more persons carry on a business as co-owners for profit. Stuart v. Overland Medical Center, 510 S.W.2d 494, 497 (Mo. Ct. App. 1974). It is more specifically defined as a “a contract of two or more competent persons to place their money, effects, labor and skill, or…

Partnership Property, Creditors

One of the benefits of a limited partnership is to protect against liabilities. A partner’s individual creditors cannot attach or encumber partnership property to satisfy a partner’s individual debt. Section 358.250, RSMo; Anchor Centre Partners, Ltd. v. Mercantile Bank, N.A., 803 S.W.23, 31 (Mo. 1991). This flows from a partner’s inability to assign his or…

Oral Partnership Agreements

It is important to get it in writing, especially when it comes to business ventures. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for a business partnership to exist without a writing saying so. If a court determines that a partnership exists, then this means that the partners owe each other a host of fiduciary duties….

Missouri: Tax Considerations in Forming a Business

Business-owners usually don’t spend much time thinking about the legal and tax consequences inherent in their choice of a business entity. Instead, the business owner is understandably worried about carrying on his/her business to earn a profit or accomplish his/her charitable objectives. Nevertheless, in spite of this legitimate concern, it is important to understand the…

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