Legal Articles

Future Lost Profits

The purpose of damages (i.e., a money award from a judge/jury) is to make a plaintiff whole. With a contract case, for instance, the goal is to “restore a plaintiff to the position he would have been in had the contract not been breached.” Lipton Rlty v. St. Louis Housing Authority, 705 S.W.2d 565, 569 (Mo….

Proving Damages in Defamation

Defamation is a very difficult, amorphous claim. Most potential defamation claims are not pursued because it can be very difficult to prove damages. A “plaintiff must prove actual damages in all defamation cases.”  Nazeri v. Mo. Valley Coll., 860 S.W.2d 303, 313 (Mo. 1993) . Stated differently, “[p]roof of actual reputational harm is an absolute…

Comparative Fault/Negligence; Contributory Fault/Negligence

The law in Missouri used to be that contributory negligence was a complete bar to a plaintiff recovering any damages against a defendant for negligence. Under the contributory negligence rule, a plaintiff was prohibited from recovering damages if the plaintiff’s own negligence directly contributed in any way to the injuries. Gramex Corp. v. Green Supply,…

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