Legal Articles

Criminal Assault Defense

Assault exists in both civil and criminal law. Civil assault is committed when one person intentionally — that is, acts for the purpose of or substantial certainty — puts another person in imminent apprehension of harmful or offensive contact. Do note that generally under civil law contact is not require. As with all strands of…

Minor in Possession ("MIP")

A person under 21 is guilty of MIP if he purchases or attempts to purchase, possesses an intoxicating liquor, who is visibly intoxicated, or who has a detectable blood alcohol content of 0.2 or greater. Like with DWI law, an individual who police suspect to be guilty of MIP impliedly consents to a BAC test….

Insider Trading

Insider trading is a term we hear every so often in the media. Mark Cuban was charged with insider trading. Martha Stewart was charged with insider trading. Gordon Gekko, the antagonist from the 1980s movie “Wall Street,” was charged with insider trading. What precisely is insider trading? The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 was…

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