Registration of Foreign Judgments in Missouri

Foreign judgments — those from any other state, federal court, or US territory — are entitled to full faith and credit in Missouri. Section 511.760.1, RSMo. To register a foreign judgment, there must be a petition along with an authenticated copy of the judgment, the date of its entry, and any other subsequent orders affecting the judgment. Section 511.760.3, RSMo.

Beyond these procedural requirements, the foreign judgment must also have been issued by a court that had (a) subject matter jurisdiction, (b) that the defendant had notice of the pending action, and (c) the judgment must not have been the result of fraud. Blanchette v. Blanchette, 476 S.W.3d 273, 281 (Mo. 2015). The “fraud” must specifically be “fraud in the concoction or procurement of the judgment.” In re Storment, 873 S.W.2d 227, 230 (Mo. 1994).

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