Probation Violation/Revocation Hearings

When you are placed on probation in Missouri, the Court — usually with the assistance of the prosecuting attorney — will craft terms of probation to which you are required to adhere. The terms of probation can vary: anything from court fines, court costs, or even the attendance of classes may be ordered.
In Saint Louis County, the Department of Justice Services (“DJS”) tracks and oversees all individuals who are placed on either probation or parole. The DJS keeps detailed records and notes as to whether you have completed all of your probation terms. If it is the case that it seems you have violated your probation, the DJS will usually send a notice to the Court which sentenced you and ask that your probation be suspended pending a Probation Revocation Hearing. At this hearing, the Court and prosecuting attorney will determine whether you have indeed violated a term of your probation. If the answer is yes, the Court may pull you off probation and could either sentence you to pre-determined jail time or re-open the underlying charges. If the answer is no, you will be allowed to continue on probation.
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