Probate, Will, Trust & Estate Representation & Litigation

We handle a wide variety of cases relating to probate, wills, trusts, and estates. These cases range from planning “simple” estates to complex will and trust litigation pertaining to multi-million dollar estates.
We handle estate administrations, small estate affidavits, refusal of letters, guardianship, conservatorship, and discovery of assets claims. For wills, we represent personal representatives, heirs and legatees in the estate administration process. When the circumstances warrant it, we have represented individuals in proceedings to remove a personal representative, for accounting, breach of fiduciary duty and requests to void a will for lack of capacity, duress, and/or undue influence.
Assistance with trust administration, as well as trust litigation and disputes, are becoming more prevalent. Our representation has extended to both trustees and beneficiaries and has included assistance with accounting and record-keeping, breach of trust proceedings, breach of fiduciary duty, petitions to modify irrevocable trusts, and petitions to remove trustees and to void trusts.
Contact with questions relative to probate, will, trust or estate representation and/or litigation.

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