Missouri Trust & Will Litigation, Contests, Modifications

When a friend or family member passes away, something will need to be done about his/her property and estate if no legal  arrangements were in place. What makes this difficult is that this is often the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, in administering an estate, will, or trust, sometimes disputes or illegalities will arise when property is being distributed.
As such, will Ccntests (See: Missouri Will Contests) are not uncommon to challenge the validity of the will. Even assuming that the will is legally valid, it is not uncommon that a personal representative commits errors — either intentionally or negligently — in administering the estate (Probate: Removal of a Personal Representative). Moreover, with respect to trusts, which are handled privately, administration is usually much more nuanced because the guidelines are determined by the terms of the trust as opposed to Missouri statute.
Dealing with these cases is often a pain, particularly if there is intentional wrongdoing or fraud involved. Contact us today regarding the administration of a will or trust, contesting a will or trust, or need help in modifying and/or interpreting a will or trust.

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