Missouri Statute of Limitations

Statutes of limitations are laws which place a defined time limit on how long an individual has to bring in court or an administrative agency. They can depend widely on the claim. Under Missouri Law, most of the limitations periods are proscribed in Chapter 516.
As a general rule of thumb, many of the limitations periods revolve around five (5) years. For instance, though, a breach of contract depends on whether the agreement was in writing, oral, or governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”). A breach of a written contract for payment of money or property is actionable within ten (10) years. Contracts for sale governed by the UCC are actionable within four (4) years. All other contract are actionable within five (5) years. More traditional tort claims also vary. Wrongful death claims must be brought within three (3) years. Assault and battery claims must be brought within two (2) years.
Failure to bring the appropriate claim in the appropriate administrative agency or court will result in your claim being time-barred. In other words, you lose the claim and cannot bring it again.
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