Corporate/Business Attorney: Free Consultations

Corporate/business/commercial law is a broad area of practice. It includes such things as entity selection (Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Professional Corporations, Corporations) and the creation of documents to aid in business governance and operation (Articles of Organization, Operating Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Buy/Sell Agreements). Furthermore, as is often the case for business owners, a business entity and its property are usually the largest assets in an individual’s estate. Careful business succession planning needs to be done to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place from a personal estate planning perspective.
It is often the case that disputes will arise that cannot be resolved solely through private means, causing litigation to ensure. The subject matter of the litigation can vary widely — Breach of Contract, Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Solicitation Agreements, Tortious Interference with Business Expectancy, Breach of Lease, etc. Subsequently, it is incredibly important to retain the service of an attorney well-versed in such matters.
If you are a business owner struggling with a legal issue, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation.

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