How much do attorneys cost/charge?

The most common question I receive is ” how much do you charge?” My response is always the same. Initial consultations are free and will come at no cost.
Assuming that you retain me as your attorney, fees will be handled on either a contingency, flat fee, or hourly basis. A contingency fee comes at no up-front cost to you. Instead, we would be entitled to any recovery procured on your behalf. If there is no recovery, then you will not be billed for legal services.
A flat fee is often the most attractive arrangement for clients. It is a fixed, concrete number that will cover a certain amount of legal services. Flat fee arrangements will, however, require that the client pay costs and fees in advance or in installments.
Fees handled on an hourly basis are very flexible and required when it is uncertain how much work will be required in a given matter. The best example of this is litigation (See: Civil Litigation Attorney/Lawyer). The amount of the hourly rate will depend upon the facts and the type of law involved.
We actively work with clients to ensure that a given fee arrangement is fair and reasonable. While some professional restraints exist with fees in Missouri (for example, criminal defense and domestic matters cannot be handled on a contingency basis), we are cognizant of the sensitive nature of legal representation, and, therefore, are open to working with existing and potential clients.
Contact us with any questions or for a free consultation.

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