Findings of Fact in Judge-Tried Cases

In a bench trial or judge-tried case, the Court is not obligated to give its reasons for reaching a result. So long as there is pretty much any evidence presented at trial which supports a trial court’s judgment, all fact issues upon which no specific findings were made are considered as having been found in accordance with the trial court’s result. Kamler v. Kamler, 213 S.W.3d 185, 187 (Mo. Ct. App. 2007). In other words, on appeal, the evidence is considered in the light most favorable to the judgment. White v. Director of Revenue, 321 S.W.3d 298, 205 (Mo. 2010).

To counteract these presumptions, and deference to the trial court’s judgment, a litigant should request findings of fact and conclusions of law per Rule 73.01.

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