Divorce: Flat Legal Fees & Costs

The court costs and legal fees for a divorce depend on a number of things: whether the matter will be contested, whether there are minor children, the presence of complex property issues, and the Missouri County the divorce is filed in. The court costs for filing a divorce action in Missouri counties such as Saint Louis City, Saint Louis County, Jefferson County, and Saint Charles County can range anywhere from $100 to $300. Not included in this cost is the service of process fee for the sheriff, which is generally around $50 per service attempt.
In addition to these initial costs, legal fees will primarily depend on the specific issues in dispute, if any. If everything is consensual and it is a matter of simply completing the process through the judicial system, then the fee is generally a flat, fixed fee. On the other hand, if the matter is contested, then there are either flat fee installments or hourly fees. Initial consultations are always free.
Important to note is that one attorney/law firm can only represent one party in a divorce proceedings. The Missouri Supreme Court rules relating to concurrent conflicts of interest preclude an attorney/law firm from representing both parties.
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