Cross-Examination, Credibility, Impeachment

Credibility is always critical at trial. If a judge or jury does not find you credible, then they do not have to believe your testimony or claims. For this reason, the credibility of a witness is always relevant in a lawsuit. Mitchell v. Kardesch, 313 S.W.3d 667, 675 (Mo. 2010). After a witness testifies on direct examination, the typical goal on cross-examination is to test the accuracy, veracity or credibility of the witness. “Impeachment” is the general legal term used when cross-examining/testing a witness’s perception, credibility and truthfulness. Id. at 675.
Several methods of impeaching a witness are commonly recognized, most/all of which have specific procedures and rules regarding cross-examination. When preparing for trial, it is important to prepare far in advance so that a cross-exam goes smoothly.
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