Consumer Debt Defense, Credit Card Defense, Debt Collection

Very often if you have an excessive or past due bill from any sort of creditor — credit cards, utility companies, etc. — you will receive notices in the mail from some company you have never heard of demanding payment for the unpaid debts. You usually receive these notices from a separate company because debt collection is often outsourced. Further, in some cases, the creditor (particularly with credit card companies) will sell or transfer their right to collect the debt to another company. This company, in turn, will attempt to enforce the debt against you.
Law firms such as Gamache & Myers and Kramer & Frank represent companies like Midland Funding LLC to enforce/collect these purchases debts all the time in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you’ve been served with a lawsuit from such a company, while it may seem daunting, there are indeed to successfully defend these debts and have the case dismissed (even a voluntary dismissal wherein they stop pursuing the debt). It is important that you respond to the lawsuit within the time required; if you do not, a default judgment may be taken against you — which means that they are entitled to collect whatever damages they are requesting from the Court.
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