Legal Articles

Expungement of First Time Alcohol-Related Driving Offense (DWI/DUI)

Although Missouri is unfavorable with respect to expungements (i.e., clearing a criminal record), Section 577.054 does provide reprieve for first time alcohol-related driving offenses in narrow circumstances. The requirements are as follows: (1) The conviction/guilty plea has to be over ten (10) years old; (2) The conviction/guilty plea has to be for a misdemeanor or…

Unreasonable Continued Seizure: Criminal Defense

A seizure occurs against a person when the government restrains the person. A seizure can also occur against a person’s property when there is some meaningful interference with an individual’s possessory interests in that property. Both the Missouri Constitution and Federal Constitution prohibit unreasonable seizures. See U.S. Const. amend. IV; Mo. Const.Art. I § 15….

Criminal Defense Attorney: Confrontation Clause

One of the most important, fundamental rights enshrined by the Federal Constitution and the Missouri Constitution is the right of a defendant in a criminal proceeding to be confronted with the witnesses testifying against him/her (the “Confrontation Clause”). Specifically, the Sixth Amendment to the Federal Constitution provides in relevant part that In all criminal prosecutions,…

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