Aggrieved Party, Right to Appeal

Any “aggrieved” party to a final judgment may appeal. Section 512.020, RSMo. To be “aggrieved,” certain requirements must be present. The judgment must “operate prejudicially and directly on the party’s personal or property rights or interests, and such effect must be immediate, not merely a possible remote consequence.” Bi-State Development Agency of Missouri-Illinois Metropolitan Dist. v. Ames Realty Co., 258 S.W.3d 99, 104-105 (Mo.Ct. App. 2008). A party cannot be “aggrieved,” in this context, unless error has been committed against it. Howe v. Heartland Midwest, LLC, 604 S.W.3d 774, 779 (Mo. Ct. App. 2020).

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