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Under the “Legal Articles” section of this website, there is a wealth of information. It contains legal discussion for an array of topics pertaining to federal law, state law, family & domestic law, business & corporate law, estate planning & administration, civil litigation & real estate, and probate, trust, will & estate litigation. While the discussion is broad and usually open-ended, keep in mind that it is typically limited to Missouri law. The information contained and discussed is for general informational purposes. As the “Disclaimers” on this site make clear, it is not legal advice and is not a substitute for consulting with an attorney. Legal situations and issues vary greatly and broad the broad observations made in the articles should not be taken as gospel. In addition, the articles have been written over the course of several years. It is quite possible that there have been changes in the law since that time which would alter or moot some of the discussion. Take the articles, therefore, with a grain of salt.

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