The office is located in the heart of downtown Clayton in St. Louis County, Missouri. Free initial consultations are offered. Appointments may be made via e-mail (henry@elsterlaw.com) or by telephone. Flexible fee structures are offered and handled on a case-by-case basis. We handle cases primarily in and around St. Louis County, but do go outside this area as needed.

Practice Areas

Business & Corporate

  • Business & Corporate Law
  • Business & Corporate Litigation

Probate, Trust & Estate Litigation

  • Probate Administration
  • Probate Litigation

Estate Planning & Administration

  • Trust & Will Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Estate Planning

Civil Litigation & Real Estate

  • General Civil Litigation
  • Legal Counseling


We have provided advice and representation at all phases of legal disputes: pre-suit resolution, litigation, settlement negotiations, trials and appeals. In the court room, we have handled, among other things, complex, multi-million dollar estate, probate and trust litigation, multi-million dollar divorce disputes, high stakes business disputes, nuanced business dissolution, contract litigation, and residential and commercial real estate disputes. Outside of a contested court room setting, we assist with estate planning, provide support and consultation for businesses regarding operations and compliance, trust administration, guardianships, conservatorships, document preparation, and provide general legal guidance and advice to individuals, families and businesses with an eye toward avoiding litigation , preparing for litigation, or simply providing peace of mind. We have represented many clients: small businesses, corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, trusts, trustees, beneficiaries, probate heirs and legatees, doctors, nurses, college professors, engineers, students, franchisees, business start-ups, real estate professionals, accountants — and even other lawyers. If we cannot help, we will be able to provide a list of attorneys who will be able to effectively address your legal needs or concerns.




Since 2010, Mr. Elster has been in private practice in Saint Louis County and surrounding counties. He has a wealth of experience in dealing with issues ranging from “simple” guidance and advising of individuals and businesses, to non-judicial planning and dispute resolution, to complex multi-million dollar and multi-party litigation, to lengthy trials, to appeals. He has experience in many different legal fields, including probate litigation, trust, will & estate litigation, business planning and litigation, contract law, family law, real estate law, estate planning, and general legal counseling. He has represented many different types of clients: corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, partnerships, non-profits, small businesses, business start-ups, families, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, nurses, and other individuals and professionals from all walks of life. In the event that Mr. Elster cannot help, he can refer you to an attorney or law firm that can help.

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