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Trusts, Principal Place of Administration

Trust litigation can often involve interstate disputes as to what state and county should hear and entertain the litigation. This is because trusts will often involve family members, trustees and beneficiaries who reside in different states. Many states have adopted the Uniform Trust Code as a means of providing more consistent laws on how trusts […]

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Venue Transfer

In Missouri, “venue” refers to the county in which a suit is filed or should be filed. There are certain rules dictating where certain types of cases should be filed. There are separate rules stating when cases may be transferred to another venue/county.  Under Rule 51.03, for instance, a party can be granted a change […]

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Venue in Guardianship/Conservatorship Proceedings

At the State level “venue” refers to the county court in which a case may/should be filed & heard. While the choice of venue may seem innocuous and simply a matter of convenience, there are often strategic considerations that come into play (e.g., favorable jury pools, etc.). Venue is determine by statute. For guardianship/conservatorship proceedings, […]

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