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Trustees, Personal Liability

Asset protection is a big reason individuals will sometimes create a trust. A lot of the focus in such situations is on making sure a beneficiary’s interest in a trust estate is outside the purview of creditors. To that end, trusts often utilize spendthrift provisions. A spendthrift provision is language in a trust that prevents […]

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Exceptions to Trust Spendthrift Clauses

A spendthrift provision in a trust generally prohibts a creditor from trying to collect a debt  of a beneficiary  by seizing the beneficiary’s interest in a trust to satisfy the debt. These types of clauses are commonly included in trusts because the trust-creator (i.e., “settlor”) wants the trust money and assets to be used for […]

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Spendthrift Clause Enforceability in Trusts

A spendthrift clause is a provision in a trust which prohbits a beneficiary’s interest from being assigned and prevents a creditor from attaching that interest. Bruce G Robert QTIP Marital Trust v. Grasson, 332 S.W.3d 248, 256 (Mo. Ct. App. 2010). What this  means is that the beneficiary cannot voluntarily assign out the interest in the […]

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