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Contesting Validity of Revocable Trust: Time limitation

Like with Limitation Periods for Breach of Trust, the overhaul of the Missouri Uniform Trust Code also shed light on the precise limitations period in which a person may commence a judicial proceeding to contest the validity of a trust that was revocable at the settlor’s/trust-maker’s death. Generally, under Section 456.6-604, a person must commence […]

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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal instrument where one person (a principal) grants consent authorizing another person (agent/attorney-in-fact) to act on the principal’s behalf. At the onset, it’s important to realize that a power of attorney is not a will or a trust in that it cannot dispose of property after the principal passes […]

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Estate Planning Attorney in Saint Louis, Missouri

There’s no time like the present. Although this adage rings true in many different circumstances, it rings especially true for estate planning and probate. Under Missouri law, if you pass away without a will, trust, a payable on death arrangement, or any other testamentary instrument, then your estate will be subject to probate and the […]

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