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Nuisance: Real Property/Estate Interference

An owner of real estate may maintain a lawsuit for nuisance if there is an unreasonable, unusual, or unnatural use of one’s property so that it substantially impairs the right of another to peacefully enjoy his or her property. Frank v. Envtl. Sanitation Msgmt, Inc., 687 S.W.2d 876, 880 (Mo. 1985). A nuisance claim is […]

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Abandonment: Real & Personal Property

In suits involving real or personal property — e.g., conversion, replevin, quiet title, etc. — abandonment is sometimes utilzied as an affirmative defense against the person invoking property rights. In other words, a defendant will use it to say that a plaintiff cannot make a claim relating to the property because the plaintiff previously abandoned […]

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Quitclaim, General Warranty Deeds

A deed is the document used to convey an interest in real estate. Generally, a deed takes effect and is effective to transfer title of property at the time of its delivery from grantor (i.e., seller) to grantee (i.e., buyer), not at the time of its execution or recordation. Delivery gives the deed force and effect and signifies that […]

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