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Nuisance: Real Property/Estate Interference

An owner of real estate may maintain a lawsuit for nuisance if there is an unreasonable, unusual, or unnatural use of one’s property so that it substantially impairs the right of another to peacefully enjoy his or her property. Frank v. Envtl. Sanitation Msgmt, Inc., 687 S.W.2d 876, 880 (Mo. 1985). A nuisance claim is […]

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Nuisance: Land and Real Estate

Nuisance is not a stand-alone tort with its own special rules. Rather, a nuisance is a type of harm — the invasion of either private property rights or public rights, intentionally or negligently. More often than not, however, nuisances generally are intentionally interferences with someone’s use or enjoyment of his or her land/real estate. Nuisance […]

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