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Contracts for Deed: Missouri Real Estate Conveyances, Seller Financing

The conventional way real estate financing occurs is when the purchaser applies for a mortgage with a bank/financial institution. The bank/financial institution approves the transaction and wires the money to the title company, who in turn tenders the money to the seller. The purchaser will then execute a promissory note promising to pay back the […]

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Clearing Real Estate Title Defects in Missouri

More than any other type of property, real estate is subject to creditor liens. Over the course of time, as title to a given piece of land moves from one person to another person, the owner changes, and thus so too do the amount of potential claims which may be levied against the land. Common […]

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Collection Cases: Defense and Prosecution

Collection cases are one of the most frequent types of cases you’ll see in court — particularly in the associate circuit court dockets. The typical collection case involves a creditor, who claims to directly or indirectly be owed a debt, filing suit against the debtor for money which is allegedly past due. The typical claims […]

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