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Transfer in Fraud of Marital Rights, Disability/Minors

To prevail on a transfer in fraud of marital rights claim, a plaintiff/surviving spouse needs to show that the deceased spouse “gave away his [or her] property without consideration with the intent and purpose of defeating…marital rights.” Nelson v. Nelson, 512 S.W.2d 455, 459 (Mo. Ct. App. 1974). Section 474.150.2, RSMo states that there is […]

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Minor/Child Name Change — Contested, Consensual

An adult name change (i.e., an individual over age 18) is a relatively straightforward procedure. Things become procedurally more complex when a minor’s name is to be changed. Among other things, a Court approved “next friend” must represent the minor in Court because a minor generally lacks capacity to represent himself/herself. When the parents or […]

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