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Additions to Trust, Funding, Lapse

A trust is really only efficacious to the extent assets are titled and owned by the trust. To transfer assets to a trust, there must be a formal conveyance to the trust or trustee of the trust. Certain assets will have to be transferred and re-titled in different ways. With real estate, for instance, there […]

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Life Insurance Death Benefits & Probate

The two most common types of life insurance are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance is where an owner purchases a policy for an insured and when the insured passes away a stated beneficiary received a sum of money (i.e., the death benefit). The death benefit is usually intended to help […]

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Funding Buy/Sell Agreements — Purchase & Restrictive Transfer Agreements

“Buy/Sell Agreements” are internal contracts between members, shareholders or owners of a business that spell out what happens to the shares of a departing business owner. They are designed to address and mitigate the business problems that arise when one of the owners of a business dies, retires, becomes disabled or departs. One of the […]

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