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Conservator Powers; Annual Conservator & Guardian Reviews

The conseravtor of a protectee — a minor or legally incapacitated adult — controls the finances of the protectee. This extends to an includes a variety of things, including the power to prosecute or defend legal claims. Section 475.130.5 further spells out a variety of powers which can be exercised without court approval: (1) Settle or […]

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Temporary Guardianship

Guardianship refers to the legal authority of one individual to make decisions on behalf of another individual. Guardianship is appropriate when there is a minor child who does not have parents or existing legal guardians or when an adult becomes legally incapacitated. If a Court believes that a guardianship order is appropriate, such order does […]

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Letters of Conservatorship

Broadly speaking, a conservatorship is an arrangement where one person/entity is controlled by another person/entity. In a sense, then, a conservatorship is very similar to a trust arrangement in that one person/owns property that is being handled by another. In Missouri, a conservatorship usually refers to property which is legally owned by a minor but […]

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