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Trusts, Principal Place of Administration

Trust litigation can often involve interstate disputes as to what state and county should hear and entertain the litigation. This is because trusts will often involve family members, trustees and beneficiaries who reside in different states. Many states have adopted the Uniform Trust Code as a means of providing more consistent laws on how trusts […]

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Service of Process, Summons, Jurisdiction

The law generally requires the best notice possible under the circumstances in order to render binding orders or judgments regarding a person or entity. This is why, subject to many exceptions, someone must be served with a lawsuit/summons personally. The summons is the means by which the defendant is subjected to the jurisdiction and judgment […]

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Default Judgments: Void, Set Aside

A default judgment occurs when a defendant is served with a lawsuit and fails to properly respond. The plaintiff automatically wins by default and usually receives the relief requested in the lawsuit. A default can be interlocutory (non-final and usually as to liability only) or a full default judgment (final as to liability and damages). Missouri […]

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