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Will Contest, Multiple Wills, Res Judicata

If a will contest is successful, then the legal effect is that the will is invalid and void. Section 473.083.7 (A will contest determines “intestacy or testacy or which writing or writings constitute the decedent’s will.”). Accordingly, assuming there is no prior will, the Court finds that the person died intestate/without a will in the […]

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Incapacity, Business Transactions

Legally, several things happen when someone is adjudicated as incapacitated and a guardian or conservator is appointed for the protectee (i.e., the incapacitated person). Perhaps most significantly, the protectee loses his or her right to enter into business transactions. Instead, it is the conservator’s responsibility (usually with court approval) to enter into such transactions. Section […]

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Incapacity in Litigation, Mental Examination

When a party is adjudged legally incapacitated, a guardian or conservator typically represents the incapacitated individual’s interests in legal disputes. In certain circumstances, however, a party is for all intents and purposes incapacitated but a guardianship proceeding has never been commenced and there has not been a judgment of incapacity. And because individuals are generally presumed to […]

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