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Undue Influence: Estate/Trust/Will Challenges in Missouri

In order to execute a legal document, which include estate documents such as wills and trusts, the individual executing the document (testator in case of a will; settlor in case of a trust) must have legal capacity. In other words, they must be creating the document through their own volition and free from any sort […]

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Testamentary Trust for Children

Because of the cost and sometimes complicated nature of a revocable living trust, some clients find it preferable to create a testamentary trust, particularly if he or she has minor children. A testamentary trust is a trust created under a will. As such, because wills generally go to probate, the will would need to be […]

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Trust Principal & Income

In administering a trust, a trustee will have the responsibility of appropriately allocating receipts and disbursements between principal and income. First and foremost, the trust itself will provide guidance as to how (if at all) to classify the assets. But what happens if the trust is silent on this point? Enter Missouri’s Principal and Income […]

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