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Convictions, Cross-Examination, Impeachment

When a witness is being cross-examined, it is generally considered fair game to attempt to impeach or discredit the witness by asking about any criminal convictions. Section 491.050, RSMo provides in relevant part: “any prior criminal convictions may be proved to affect [witness] credibility in a civil or criminal case and, further, any prior pleas […]

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Credible Evidence

It is difficult to overstate the significant of credible evidence in Court. Even if you have undisputed evidence, you can still lose on a claim if the judge or jury simply does not find it credible or believable. Therefore, there are two components to proving a claim or contention: (1) the burden to produce evidence and […]

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Expert Witnesses: Qualifications & Requirements

Sometimes litigation requires expert testimony to highlight areas of technical or specialized knowledge. To be qualified as an expert witness in Missouri, “it must appear that by reason of education or specialized experience [the expert] possesses superior knowledge respecting a subject about which persons having no particular training are incapable of forming an accurate opinion […]

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