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Contract Disputes: Ambiguity, Vagueness, Reformation

Interpreting contract language is an essential requirement for any commercial/business attorney. It is, further, an important job function of judges. The cardinal rule for interpreting contracts is to ascertain the intention of the parties through the language of the contract and to give effect to that intention. J.E. Hathman, Inc. v. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Club, 491 S.W.2d […]

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Business, Corporate, Contract Disputes

We handle disputes involving businesses of all sizes and contracts of all nature. Because such disputes can often have major consequences — both financially and in terms of how a business is run — we handle protracted litigation to reach a favorable resolution for clients. From trade secret disputes, to securities litigation, real estate disputes, […]

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Contract Disputes

Whether you realize it or not, contracts play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Purchasing a TV from a department store forms a contractual relationship. Filling up at the gas station forms a contractual relationship. Things do not always have to be formally reduced to writing to create a legally binding contract, like with […]

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