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Precatory Language

In the context of estates and civil litigation, precatory language is language requesting, recommending, or expressing a desire rather than a command. Precatory words can include “wish,” “will,” “will and desire” and “request.”┬áRouner v. Wise, 446 S.W.3d 242, 256 (Mo. 2014). In Missouri, courts are reluctant to find the existence of a trust when precatory […]

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Invasion of Privacy Missouri

Missouri law recognizes a few different claims an individual may pursue in civil court for money damages against another for invasion of privacy. Legally, invasion of privacy is the umbrella term for several privacy sub-claims. Three of the sub-claims are intrusion upon seclusion, publication of private facts, and false light. Invasion of Privacy — Intrusion […]

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Civil Litigation Attorney/Lawyer

Litigation is essentially what happens when people, estates, or businesses disagree about fault or damages. Instead of continuing to bicker and disagree, the Court makes the decision for you. The court is in place to sort through the problem and enter a finding as to who is at fault and what the appropriate redress should […]

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