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Injunctive Relief

An injunction is an order from the court to refrain from certain conduct or to perform some certain act(s). It is a form of equitable relief. In contrast, legal relief usually comes in the form of money damages to compensate someone for an injury. Equitable relief is typically appropriate when monetary relief would be inadequate. […]

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TRO Damages, Wrongful Restraint, Bond

A temporary restraining order or injunction are equitable remedies which usually order an individual or entity to stop doing a particular activity. A common example, in the context of non-compete contracts, would be a court restraining order or injunction ordering a former employee from working with a competitor. Orders freezing assets are also common forms […]

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Posting Bail (Bond) After an Arrest

In a criminal case, soon after an arrest is effectuated against an accused, that individual will be subject to a decision of the Court as to whether the accused should be held on bond — and if so — the amount of the bond. Bail is simply the giving of property (i.e., money) to the […]

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