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Bona Fide Purchasers, Ownership-Title Disputes

Property ownership disputes can be complex, particularly in the context of real estate. It is not uncommon for there to be an improper or defective conveyance of real estate that goes unnoticed, and then there are several subsequent transfers of the same property between different people. For this reason, it is important to record all […]

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Good Faith Purchaser — Real Estate

Real estate law and transactions can be complicated. Although title insurance and title companies primarily exist to ensure that a purchaser is obtaining “clean title,” mistakes happen. What happens when someone purchases real estate with the understanding that no liens or claims exist a given parcel of land, and then it later turns out there […]

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Real Estate Title Insurance

Buying a home is a pricey proposition. Putting the recommended 20% down toward the purchase price, in conjunction with other costs such as home inspections and homeowner’s insurance, can be costly. In my estimation, one of the more misunderstood expenses in a real estate transaction is title insurance. Title insurance is not a typical type […]

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