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Monthly Archives: November 2018

LLC Manager Removal

Unlike with corporations, partnerships and other business entities, there are few statutory provisions addressing the procedures for removing a manager of a limited liability company in Missouri. If a LLC is manager-managed, then management is vested in the manager(s), who has the right and authority to manage the affairs of the LLC and make decisions […]

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Injunctive Relief

An injunction is an order from the court to refrain from certain conduct or to perform some certain act(s). It is a form of equitable relief. In contrast, legal relief usually comes in the form of money damages to compensate someone for an injury. Equitable relief is typically appropriate when monetary relief would be inadequate. […]

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Nonprofit Corporation Derivative Actions

A corporate derivative action is one in which a shareholder or member sues on behalf of the corporation and against a director — usually for mismanagement, breach of fiduciary duty and/or some other malfeasance. The reasoning is that the injury is to the corporation and that the corporation, not its members/shareholders, must bring the suit […]

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