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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Oral/Parol Gifts of Real Estate, Land

To convey title to land/real estate in Missouri, you typically need to execute a formal deed transferring title. There are various court-created exceptions to this, including the legal claim that land may be conveyed by an oral gift.  Relatively speaking, there are not many cases in Missouri outlining all of the different factual circumstances in which […]

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Deed Interpretation, Vagueness, Extrinsic Evidence

Deeds are required to transfer title to real property. Sometimes, confusing language is used in deeds to where it is unclear when a certain person receives property. Like with contracts, the interpretation of deeds in Missouri centers on ascertaining the intention of the grantor (i.e., the person executing the deed and conveying title) from the […]

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Expert Witness Testimony, Admissibility

In Missouri, expert testimony is admissible as long as the expert’s competence on the subject is superior to that of the ordinary juror and the expert’s opinion aids the jury in deciding an issue in the case. Freight House Lofts v. VSI Meter SVCS., 402 S.W.3d 586, 596 (Mo. Ct. App. 2013). “If the court finds that […]

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Jury Selection, Nondisclosure

One of the most important parts of a jury trial is voire dire (i.e., jury selection). The purpose of jury selection is to ensure that the jury that hears and decides the case is fair and impartial. To meet this objective, the Court and attorneys question jurors and have the ability to remove potential jurors who cannot […]

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Collateral Source Rule

Tort damages are designed to be compensatory in nature and make a party whole. The collateral source rule is an exception to this rule. It provides that a wrongdoer is not entitled to have the damages to which he/she is liable reduced by the fact that plaintiff has received or will receive compensation or indemnity for […]

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